Nubia Dual Display Smartphone Appears In New Video – Meizu PRO 7 Sucessor?

On September 5, Nubia released its flagship Z18 in Beijing. At present, this smartphone is on sale and the 6GB+64GB version is priced at 2,799 Yuan ($408) while the 8GB+128GB version has a 3,299 Yuan ($481) price tag. Now, a new Nubia phone has appeared online but this time, it is nothing like the Z18. A new video recently appeared on Weibo which shows the new Nubia device with a dual display. The last time we saw a dual display smartphone was sometime last year when Meizu released the Meizy PRO 7 which comes with a rear “painting screen”

2017 Meizu PRO 7

However, the new Nubia dual display smartphone is quite different from the Meizu PRO 7. Although the front display is larger than the rear just like the PRO 7, the rear display is significantly larger in this upcoming Nubia phone compared to the Meizu Pro 7. The bezels on this new phone are thicker in the rear display especially on the top which houses a dual camera setup. One interesting aspect of this smartphone is that the front display is completely bezeless on all four sides. Apparently, you do not need cameras on both sides of this smartphone because the rear display is full-coloured and larger than 4-inches thus you can conveniently take a selfie with the rear display acting as the main display.

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Nubia Dual Screen Phone – Main Display

The displays have no notch and the dual rear camera setup is lodged at the top left of the smartphone. It supports a side fingerprint sensor. Is this smartphone the successor to the Meizu PRO 7? Well, it looks far better than the PRO 7. Recall that the PRO 7 rear screen only supports the display of weather, notification, steps and few other functions. The secondary screen of Nubia’s dual-screen phone can do everything that the main screen does.

Nubia Dual Screen Phone – Rear Display

Taking a wide guess, the main screen of the Nubia device is upward of 5.5.inch while the rear display is above 4-inch. The detailed specifications and release time of this new machine are not known for now. Of course, Nubia may start a new series for this dual-screen phone like the “Red Devil” series.

This device is certainly worth looking forward to. Do you think that this device will be a hit? Let us know in the comment.

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  1. Robbo5ooo
    September 17, 2018

    You guys seem to be forgetting your own rumours. You have shown a leaked poster for this phone back in July. There it was claimed this will be the Nubia Z18S.
    But definitely looking forward to seeing this. Hopefully will come with OLED screens both sides and better than Gorilla Glass 3, the 2 things that let the standard Z18 down.

    • Glory Oviri
      September 19, 2018

      Cant phantom how the writeup contradicts the previous one, any hidden part am not sering?

    • Robbo5ooo
      September 19, 2018

      It is written as though this is the first time this phone had been seen. There is no mention that this was first seen in late June. I didn’t imply that it contradicts the earlier post. It just doesn’t recognise that this is not a new leak.
      However, there is something strange occurring about this. Searching Google I found that this article appears to have been previously written before this, on the same day, and did indeed call it the Z18S, but the article was withdrawn and is no longer on gizchina, but still shows in Google search results.

    • EfeUdin
      September 19, 2018

      Robbo5ooo…the speculation regarding the nomenclature of this smartphone is very “wild”. You cant be certain that this is the Z18S and its possible that the company will start a whole new series with this one. This phone is completely different from anything we’ve seen from Nubia. However, if we have more speculation or confirmation that this is the Z18S, you will be the first to know if you keep a tab with us.

      Between, this is a new leak. The previous information was based on renders. This is a real life video/image

  2. Joe Midnight
    September 18, 2018

    I wish they made a model without selfie came and no rear screen that was ip rated. Obviously only one screen will be powered at a time so battery life should be the same as a one screen phone. However, it will add thinckness and cost. Front screen should be OLED, back cheap LCD. If it is IP rated and under $500 I might buy it.

    • Robbo5ooo
      September 19, 2018

      The rear screen would be better as an OLED, so that it could be used as an always on screen to show the clock and notification info, plus any other configurable data you wanted. In theory it shouldn’t make so much difference in price as it saves on front camera modules.