Xiaomi Xiaoai Smart Alarm Clock Released For 149 Yuan ($22)

Today, Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, released the Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth Edition and Xiaomi Mi 8 on-screen fingerprint version in Chengdu. In addition, the company also brought a smart device – Xiaomi Xiaoai smart alarm clock.

The Xiaomi Xiaoai smart alarm clock uses a dynamic alarm system and it can set 30 alarm settings simultaneously in addition to broadcasting the weather in real time every morning after getting up. It is equipped with multiple types of sounds (depending on your need) to help you relax in your quiet time. This is not just a simple alarm clock, it works more like a “Notepad”. After setting the reminder, it will urge you to complete a task on time. Even if you are not at home, you can remotely control the alarm clock and customize the reminder content through the Mijia App.

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With a single sentence, you can get information on the stock exchange rate, translation, fast calculation, traffic conditions, weather, tail limit, movie entertainment, news information, radio, phone search, and other functions. This makes the usage of this device seamless and swift. More importantly, the Xiaomi Xiaoai smart alarm clock can control the air purifier, sweeping robot, fan, air conditioner, and other smart home products. Through the intelligent function of the Mijia App, the temperature and humidity sensor, air conditioner and humidifier can be regulated to suit the indoor environment.

Finally, this smart device is priced at 149 Yuan ($22). It will officially go on sale on September 28 at 10:00 am.

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