iPhone XS and XS Max waterproof and drop test

After the release of the iPhone XS/XS Max, TechSmarttt, JerryRigEverything, CNET, etc. tested the new phones for durability, in the pocket position and the 5-foot drop, the phone remained intact, giving the user peace of mind.

However, the more professional SquareTrade conducted more demanding tests. Their test height was 6 feet (1.83 meters), which was the result of dropping the phone from the head of a tall adult man. What happened?

Very unfortunately, after the first positive test, the iPhone XS broke the screen, and the glass in the upper right corner of the XS Max also cracked, but the screen could still be used normally.

When the back is facing down, the two phones are again broken. The side drops are slightly better, the screen and the back glass are completely preserved; in the roll test, the iPhone XS is even more resistant.

SquareTrade also used 138 cans of beer to soak the iPhone XS/Max. After standing for 30 minutes in a depth of 5 feet (about 1.5 meters), it was intact. It seems that the waterproof upgrade is not a false statement.

SquareTrade’s testing shows that both the iPhone XS and XS Max were damaged after drops from around 6 feet. But while the XS shattered, the XS Max cracked and was still usable.

The steel frame prevented damage during side drops:

But back drops broke the rear glass on both devices.

They didn’t fare any better in tumble tests either.

Here’s the full video:

Overall, the XS received a much lower repairability score than the XS Max, as seen in the following image:

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