Lenovo Defines ‘Smart Computer’: 5G and AI Are the Main Elements

smart computer

As you know, today, Lenovo held a Lenovo Tech World Conference and made a furor in the tech world. Besides the numerous new devices, the company also brought new concepts. We have already managed to talk about the Smart Office. But we guess most of you are more interested in the definition of the term of Smart Computer.

According to Jia Zhaohui, smart devices should have five basic elements:

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  1. Always online – connect to the cloud in real time, generate data, and execute commands issued by the cloud;
  2. Can be remotely managed, including upgrades and maintenance, providing flawless real-time delivery work status;
  3. To be more secure and adopt relevant data privacy strategies;
  4. Natural language interaction skills, including voice, gestures, expressions, and even human ideology;
  5. Suitable computing power – according to the equipment, the work content should be undertaken with the corresponding edge computing power.

Jia Zhaohui emphasized that smart devices are the key link that is indispensable for contacts and artificial intelligence. Without smart devices, the artificial intelligence can’t do anything. ‘Therefore, we can even assert that smart devices will be a must for all companies implementing an artificial intelligence strategy.’

In this sense, the 5G and AI technologies are already on the road, and these two technologies will greatly provide a foundation for AR content and performance improvement. Jia Zhaohui said that in order to realize the smart office based on AR, some key technologies need to be broken. He even mentioned those three key technologies that should be used in the smart offices. They are the space perception, miniature display, and lightweight glasses design.

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