OPPO Releases Hyper Boost Mobile Acceleration Technology

OPPO Hyper Boost

While the core hardware performance continues to improve, smartphone manufacturers are also working to explore the potential of software acceleration technology. Previously, Huawei and VIVO launched their own phone acceleration technologies. Today, on October 11, OPPO held a technical communication meeting and officially announced the launch of the self-developed acceleration engine, namely Hyper Boost. According to the official introduction, it can achieve full-scenario system-level performance optimization and greatly improve the smartphone fluency.

OPPO Hyper Boost

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It is understood that the OPPO Hyper Boost acceleration engine is based on OPPO’s self-developed technology, including system engine, game engine, and the application engine. These three can optimize phone’s performance in three aspects of system, game, and application.

Among them, in terms of system engine, Hyper Boost introduced the behavior-aware scheduling (BAS) solution independently developed by OPPO. In the past, the Linux underlying kernel of Android adjusted the frequency of the underlying hardware in units of 20 milliseconds, and OPPO’s behavior-aware scheduling scheme dynamically tuned the underlying hardware in units of 0.2 milliseconds through the newly designed Linux task scheduler. In addition, Hyper Boost implements system-level optimization of multiple underlying hardware platforms and provides a technical feedback to the underlying hardware platform vendors.

In terms of the game engine, OPPO cooperates with Tencent, Netease, and three other major game engines to optimize the TOP 100 games. Currently, it has adapted 11 popular games.

As for the application engine, OPPO has specifically optimized platform-level super applications such as WeChat, mobile Taobao, and mobile QQ. Taking WeChat as an example, there are optimized 11 high-frequency usage scenarios. So the fluency of the incoming and outgoing conversation pages increased by 29.8%, the smoothness of the circle of friends increased by 19.9%, the fluency of unread chat groups increased by 23.5 %, and GIF expression speed increased by 35.9%.

OPPO said that in the future, it will combine the characteristics of artificial intelligence to further enhance the capabilities of Hyper Boost. So the learning analysis and automatic adaptation will make the optimization process smarter. Moreover, OPPO will cooperate with more application vendors, game makers, game engines, etc. to expand the coverage of Hyper Boost.

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