iPhone XR’s performance is comparable to iPhone XS

Apple used the same A12 biochip on the iPhone XR as the iPhone XS series and a recent performance comparison by Macworld shows that the iPhone XR is just as fast as the iPhone XS with a better battery. Compared to last year’s iPhone X, the iPhone XR achieved the same performance improvements as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. iPhone XR is 13% faster than iPhone X in single-core performance, and multi-core performance is about 10% faster. 

Not only that, GPU-based computing benchmarks show that the iPhone XR is about 40% better than the iPhone X. In fact, iPhone XR scores higher on GPU tests than iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, probably because the resolution of the iPhone XR display is relatively low.

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Many users who purchase iPhone XR may be upgraded from iPhone 7 or older models, and users who like to play games may feel a significant improvement. Macworld said that if you upgraded from iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone XR, the game frame rate will increase by at least 50% and the maximum will be doubled, depending on the difference in the game itself. 

In addition, if battery life is your priority, iPhone XR is also a good choice. In actual use, the iPhone XR may last 30 to 45 minutes longer than the iPhone XS Max and two hours longer than the iPhone XS, depending on how you use your phone. For many users, running scores may not be the deciding factor in their purchase of this phone, they choose iPhone XR more because this phone uses a similar design style to the iPhone XS, most features are the same, but the price is obviously different, iPhone XR is much cheaper. Why do you choose iPhone XR? Let us know in the comment

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1 Comment

  1. Cedric della Faille
    November 6, 2018

    Why would anyone pay an overpriced 100$ looking phone. The plastic , the 720ppi.. yes for now it has a better battery life but dont worry ! Your battery life will degrade very fast due to the heavy demand of apps and low ram over time.

    It would ve a miracle if your battery on the iphone xr is still 50% as good in 2 years as it is now