Sony Working to Bring Foldable Phones with Transparent Displays

sony foldable transparent phones

Whether you like it or not, foldable phones are going to be the biggest trend of 2019, right there with the camera cut out hole fad, both designs unveiled by Samsung in the past months.

Well, apparently, another giant of the display tech – Sony – is currently working on a type of display that might surpass Samsung as far as futuristic design goes. Sony’s patent does indeed show a device with two displays that can be set to transparent, which would mean you can basically see through the device.

Now, this tech is probably really far from getting in our hands, unless we wear a Virtual Reality Headset running a Black Mirror show based game, but it’s still promising to see companies like Sony already working on it.

As far as the actual patent goes, the image above shows a device with two displays that can be set in three different modes: Non-Emission State, Emission State and Transparent State.

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sony foldable transparent phones
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In addition to this very futuristic design, the company also brought a patent for two foldable devices, one that rolls and one that folds in half, both apparently featuring transparent displays.

We’re really excited to see where this can go, but we hope Sony is also working on something more feasible for the near future as the latest reports from their smartphone business aren’t that comforting.

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