Loock Touch 2 Pro Smart Door Lock Announced at 5,188 yuan ($752)

Loock Touch 2 Pro

This afternoon, Yunding Technology held a new product launch conference, officially releasing the new Loock smart door lock, namely Loock Touch 2 Pro. Actually, this is the first high-end product of the company. The biggest innovation in it the integration of the 2.5D tempered glass screen into the smart door lock. At the same time, it comes with a touchscreen and the door lock password is no longer fixedly displayed, providing a more intelligent and convenient interactive experience. This also allows users to make various customization directly from the screen. Those customizations may include themes, unlock animations, short video messages, etc. As for security, the touchscreen can randomly change the position of the numbers to achieve real-time password anti-peeping.

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The Loock Touch 2 Pro uses an optical detection technology and semiconductor capacitive fingerprint recognition technology to verify users’ fingerprint information by extracting multi-dimensional biometric signals such as fingerprints, skin, and blood. It is also the first smart door lock using a multi-dimensional live fingerprint recognition module. This is the world’s first smart lock licensed by Alibaba Cloud ‘ID2 INSIDE’, coming with a chip + hardware double encryption.

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Loock Touch 2 Pro

The Loock Touch 2 Pro also has an integrated automatic anti-cat eye switch. The anti-cat eye unlocking sensor is provided on the inner handle, and the door is automatically activated to prevent the default state of the cat eye when the door is closed. When going out, hold the handle and press the unlocking area to open the door, which not only ensures safety but also makes the operation experience way smarter.

Loock Touch 2 Pro

It is worth mentioning that the outer panel of the Loock Touch 2 Pro supports IPX4 waterproof. The overall appearance of Touch 2 Pro adopts MacPro’s same aluminum extrusion + smooth anodizing process, which has been polished by 254 processes. There is also a built-in 8000mAh detachable rechargeable battery.

In terms of selling price, the Loock Touch 2 Pro is priced at 5,188 yuan ($752), and will be on sale at 10:00 am on December 19.

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