Samsung future mid-rangers could feature curved-edge LCD screen

Back in 2014, Samsung debuted the Galaxy Edge an interesting concept device that brought us the first curved-edge display. Now it’s a standard in most of the company’s flagships, and according to reports, it may eventually debut in the mid-range class of Sammy smartphones.

According to a patent filed a year ago and granted on the last week, Samsung is developing a new LCD technology that essentially replaces the usual glass backing with a new plastic solution. This basically means that during the manufacturing process, the panel can be bent without any kind of issue. Furthermore, it will reduce the fragility of the display, making it more durable and harder to break.

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Presumably, a variant of this new technology could be used in Samsung affordable smartphones, and it may even result in cheaper foldable smartphones. But for now, the South Korean firm seems to be concentrated in making pre-curved displays that can’t be bent by users, just like the displays seen in the Samsung S flagships and the original Galaxy Edge line.

Samsung seems to be on a rush to implement the new technology into smartphones. After all the cheaper Galaxy S10 Lite would be a worthy candidate for introducing the new flexible LCD technology, but sadly, seems that this particular variant will stick with a flat display.

The new patent comes to endorse the company’s plans of reducing the distance between its mid-range and premium category of smartphones. If the company manages to implement one of its most interesting visual aspects into the mid-grade segment, it would be another good differentiation for Samsung mid-range devices.

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