LG patents a new style of foldable smartphone


From the development and advances of the foldable smartphone this year, we will most likely see a couple of foldable devices in the coming year. Last week, the World Intellectual Property Office issued a patent to LG Electronics which shows a “Curlable Mobile Terminal”. This smartphone features a flexible touchscreen that can be rolled in and out. The curlable smartphone also has a second screen, a stylus, and multiple cameras.

This LG patent shows a foldable smartphone with a case on both sides of the flexible display. The display can be turned left or right and the interface will adjust accordingly. When the user uses the full display, three pages/applications can be run simultaneously. The smaller touch screen is located in the left side casing. This case also contains a stylus that can be pulled out by pressing the bottom. The right side housing is provided with mechanical control elements and can also be used as a roller. The left side case also contains a rear button that can be used as an on/off button, a fingerprint scanner and a volume button.

Gizchina News of the week

LG’s rollable smartphones contain multiple cameras, a matrix configuration (camera array) and a stereo camera that allows users to take 3D photos. Earlier this month, Korean manufacturers also received a patent for 3D smartphone cameras. If LG chooses this type of camera, the camera will be placed on the front and back of the device and a laser sensor will also be integrated. In addition, the scrollable device also supports two user accounts. Users can be assigned with different permissions.

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