China accounted for half of all mobile app downloads in 2018

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Appie Annie’s staff has published a new report that shows us what is the situation of the applications market in the world. In 2018, China accounted for about 50% of all applications downloads, thus pushing the number of global downloads to reach a record of 194 billion.

China, which is also the world’s largest smartphone market, also accounted for 40% of global consumer spending in apps in 2018. Consumer spending in apps reached $ 101 billion last year (with a growth of 75% since 2016) and 74% of all the money spent was generated by the games.

300 companies hs divided over half of the money spent by users in 2018. Also according to the App Annie report, people spent 18 billion hours shopping among apps in 2018, with an increase of 45% from 2016 and overall users around the world have been glued to applications in average for three hours a day last year.

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Among the applications that showed an increase in popularity in 2018 we find YouTube, the most widespread app in the global level with the exception of China, where it is prohibited.

Despite its decelerating economy and weakening demand for mobile devices, China is still driving growth in the global app business and will likely remain the largest contributor to the growth of consumer spending. The government’s freeze on game licenses crippled the revenue of the gaming industry, but consumer spending on mobile games in China soared last year.

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