Revolutionary MUJA Gamepad Launching Soon


New reports suggest that the Handscape MUJA gamepad will be launched at 9am EST on Jan 30th. The super early bird price will be $49 and limited to only 500 pieces; early bird price will be $59, while MSRP will be $99.

Handscape, an innovative well-known brand for smartphone’s game gadgets, hereby recommended by Apple Inc co-founder Wozniak, is pulling out all stops in the new pattern. Heard from this news, the fun of crazy gamers is revealing. Get the chance to subscribe MUJA gamepad now on the official website.

MUJA Gamepad

The MUJA second-generation gamepad come out overturns the previous gamepad market. As a senior gamer, you may know that the traditional gamepad has a bulky torso, inconvenient for you to bring them out; You can only use 2 fingers to control the game interface, while encounter the intense points, you can’t feel merry and lively; While you play games for a long time, the smart phone or the gamepad main engine will heat severely, etc.

The Handscape MUJA solves all these slot points, the first suction up function, multi-finger interactive, heat dissipation, Bluetooth connection and much more.

The advantages here, of course, MUJA gamepad supports both IOS and Android all phones. Built-in 450mAh battery supports continuous 36 hours play time and 56 hours standby time; the heat dissipation can low your phone temperature, and highly improve mobile operation efficiency.

Gizchina News of the week

With ergonomic design and touch sensor, you can play games from front and back panel together, win fast; The stick-on design sticks tightly on your phone to expand the version and feel comfortable after a long period of holding; With additional 4 customized keys, MUJA keeps you few steps ahead of others while you are playing video games and win fast. There are a lot of Innovations in this all-in-one gamepad, let us keep mysterious at present.

In 2015, Landscape has launched its first generation handy case on Kickstarter , HandyCase™: Transparent iPhones/iPads for Gaming – HandScape. It has collected 637 backers to pledge $305,441 to help bring this project to life. It is also a successful campaign till now, but the first generation just supports IOS system, and it was the handy case, only suitable for specific device, that meant your iPhone and iPad couldn’t use the same one because of the size.

That’s why the Handscape second generation MUJA gamepad is so exciting: it’s universal! You can use the MUJA gamepad to play on devices of various sizes as it’s shown in the Indiegogo page already running here.

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