Google explains how Android Auto will change the near future of our cars

During an interview with The verge’s colleagues at the recent CES 2019, Android Auto manager Patrick Brady illustrated the current situation and the future of the platform that will change the way we relate to cars very soon.

Google has developed, in collaboration with some car manufacturers, a version of the system that does not require the use of the smartphone and that guarantees a deep integration with all the car’s systems, for a different control than the one we are used to.

The current solution, the one that sees the smartphone content displayed on the car’s screen, is called projected and will continue to be developed and supported. It is indeed a widespread system that represents an important factor of choice for users.

The new platform, which is called native Android Auto, instead sees a deep integration with the car systems and will exploit the new large screens that are increasingly popular in modern cars. Google is carrying out a complete refresh of the graphic interface to take advantage of the new screens, but also to simplify the controls and make them intuitive and adaptable to every solution.

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The goal is to eliminate the many switches and mechanical controls, replacing them with touch controls that can also be activated by voice. Imagine activating the windscreen wipers with a voice command, or turning on the side lights, activating the direction indicator without taking your hands off the steering wheel and without taking your eyes off the road.

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Brady says that the manufacturers will have ample freedom to customize the interface and will be free to innovate and propose new solutions, without obviously upsetting the system. It will be possible to install after-market units to have Android Auto in native mode even on cars not prepared, although obviously the integration will be less.

The platform will obviously be open to the services of other competitors, such as Amazon Alexa: Google does not intend to bring only its digital experience in the car but the user experience, which could be based on numerous third-party services.

It will be possible to take a first look at the new Android Auto platform at the Google I / O 2019 scheduled for May.

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