Huang Zhang shares more details on the Meizu 16s

Presently, OEMs are looking for different means to improve the display ratio of smartphones. The notch was recently popularized but the market has its reservations with regards to the use of a notch. Other designs like pop-up camera, sliding display, dual display etc has also been used by some manufacturers. However, Meizu is currently working on its upcoming flagship, Meizu 16s and it will be adopting the bezeless design. Today, Meizu CEO, Huang Zhang, gave details of the design of this smartphone.

Huang Zhang revealed that the width of the chin of the Meizu 16s will be about 1.5 mm less than that of the Meizu 16th.  He also added that the battery capacity of the Meizu 16s will be larger than the 3640 mAh of the Meizu 16 Plus thus we are probably looking at a device with a 4000 mAh battery.

Huang Zhang had previously revealed that the 16s uses a 6.2-inch display, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 flagship processor and it is equipped with NFC. The Price should be about 3,000 yuan ($445). However, it should be noted that the Meizu 16s will not support wireless charging.

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