Lei Jun: Xiaomi Mi 9 has greatly increased my confidence

Earlier today, Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, released its latest flagship smartphone, Xiaomi Mi 9. At the release conference, Lei Jun said that he took Huawei’s flagship mobile phone to learn a bit about it and his confidence increased greatly after the study. After comparing the mobile phone configuration, Lei Jun said that the Xiaomi Mi 9 is far beyond the Huawei Mate 20 and both smartphones are no match. 

Lei Jun said “after I finished studying the Mate 20, I was a little disappointed. I had different information from the reports I saw because their flagship phones often use very expensive material to make a Pro. What kind of standard version do they sell in large quantities? I bought it to learn, and I really gained a lot of confidence after I finished.” (Translation is a little rusty).

Xiaomi Mi 9

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Lei Jun said that the Xiaomi’s smartphones with LCD display and a rear fingerprint sensor like the Redmi Note 7 cost only 999 Yuan ($148). “How do you justify a 4999 Yuan ($744) price tag for similar specs?” Lei Jun admits that Huawei’s marketing ability is really much stronger than Xiaomi’s but he said that the company is improving. Recall that the Xiaomi Mi 9 with 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage was released for 2999 yuan ($446).

Lei Jun also said that the Xiaomi Mi 9 camera department if far better than what Huawei used on its Mate 20. He added that the Huawei Mate 20 fast charge is only 22.5W and it does not support wireless charging. Huawei’s best wireless charging is only 15W. The Xiaomi Mi 9 comes with a 20W wireless charging capacity. Lei Jun concluded, “this mobile phone (Mate 20) is no match for us, and the gap is too far”.

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  1. Adeshola Gbadamosi
    February 20, 2019

    It a good thing Xiaomi now comparing itself with hauwei mobile Phone..Huawei is doing something Right that’s why u studied mate 20 to made Mi9 ……Even Apple and Samsung don’t close to what hauwei is doing right now …..Huawei is d most innovative Company …..Xiaomi still have alots to study…….Just wait for p30 I love Xiaomi but Huawei is ahead of all the Phone manufacturers !!!

    • Andrew
      February 20, 2019

      What innovations does Huawei have?
      Camera that is only a bit better than Xiaomi’s one?
      Is a battery like the one of Redmi Note 7 a real innovation?
      Or a useless reverse QI charging?
      Actually, there is no innovations around here. All the flagships have serious drawbacks, but some of them cost 2-3 times higher.

    • Gbadamosi Lukmon
      February 20, 2019

      What do u mean by a bit ? Have u forgotten that Xiaomi always compare their Mi series to iPhone but what happen this time around because iPhone is offering nothing …but Huawei is offering something special ..the bit you talking about Xiaomi can’t fill the Gap easily…why can’t Xiaomi compare Mi9 with Hauwei mate 20 Pro because they are yet to get to that level….Tell me a company that’s offering what Huawei is doing right now…if you can’t afford it…Honor is affordable ….have used several Xiaomi phones I know what am saying…..It’s my first time of using Honor 10 4+128g same price with mi8 SE but so good for me.. everything about it is amazing

    • Duarte Bruno
      February 21, 2019

      What innovations?
      How about designing their own CPUs and being the first manufacturer to come out with a Cortex-A76 implementation?
      How about having Leica designing their optical components?
      Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t buy a Huawei for value (Xiaomi nails that spot) but if it was between Huawei and Samsung I wouldn’t think twice.