Huawei promises that it will not create backdoors for the Chinese government

Huawei has been fighting for months against the United States government and other allied countries due to the accusation of absolute insecurity of its telecommunications equipment, including 5G infrastructures.

The fear is that Huawei can use its infrastructure to allow spying and control operations even if the Chinese producer has so far categorically ruled out that this can happen.

In an interview, Liang Hua, president of Huawei, has made it clear that in the face of a possible request by the Chinese government to include backdoor tools to spy data, the manufacturer ” we will not execute the request, because it wouldn’t be lawful”, explaining that the legislation of the Asian country does not provide such a hypothesis.

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Moreover, Liang Hua also said that the company has never received a request to include backdoor tools in their products and therefore there is no reason to create alarmism.

Unlikely, however, his statements will be able to convince US authorities. But there is also the CEO of Vodafone, who said that eliminating Huawei from 5G infrastructure in Europe is not a good thing.

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