DOOGEE debuts an epoch-making 5G modular phone at MWC 2019

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The MWC ( Mobile World Congress) Barcelona 2019 has opened its door to worldwide mobile product manufacturers started on February 25th, during which SAMSUNG and HUAWEI had released their innovative folding smartphone in succession. Honestly, this futuristic foldable screen is really astonishing, but are the consumers willing to spend ā‚¬2299 on an unpredictable handset? In that way, DOOGEE S90, a modular phone at about $300 also debuted at MWC, seems much more attractive and realistic. It is uncertain whether DOOGEE is going to launch a foldable phone as well, yet its 5G module is indeed an epoch-making innovation. During the event, other models like the eye-catching Y series, S70 and S80 are introduced.

DOOGEE S90 modules

DOOGEE S90 Modular Phone

The data world is stepping to a 5G era that handset manufacturers are struggling to keep pace with newest technology. With anĀ impressive concept of creating an all-in-one phone with limitless possibility, DOOGEE makes the design come true in the DOOGEE S90,Ā the latest generation ofĀ the DOOGEE S series rugged phone. ThisĀ DOOGEE S90 comes with fiveĀ modules which give an all-in-one alternative to buying separate gadgets, including Night Vision CameraĀ Module, Power Module, Digital Walkie-talkie Module, Game Module and a most intelligent 5G Module. TheĀ modular design is by far one of the most impressive onesĀ inĀ the MWC exhibition. The DOOGEE S90Ā is easy to mix, match and swap modulesĀ by magnet, and working instantly when slidingĀ into theĀ slot onĀ the S90Ā back cover with a snap.

Driven by Helio P60 processor, the 6.18-inch DOOGEE S90 is a powerful handset unquestionably. Moreover, the 6GB+128GB storage, 16+8MP AI cameras, IP68 rugged features, and 5050mAh battery further increase more goodwill to the phone itself.

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Frontier 5G Module

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DOOGEE S90 5G module

When the 5G module is connected toĀ DOOGEE S90, it takesĀ over all modem functions of the phone. ForĀ network alternatives, daily taskĀ such as browsing webĀ runs in the 4G network; while the 5G module putsĀ into workĀ whenĀ users broadcast video, download music orĀ movie.


Module Modem: MTK

Network Standard: 5G NR SA

Max Download Speed: 3.5GbpsĀ (1Gbps daily)

Max Upload Speed:Ā 1.2Gbps

DOOGEE Y Series: Ultra-high Screen Ratio

Y8 Plus waterdrop screen

The saying ā€œLeave is for better comebackā€Ā canĀ not be more suitable to describe the situation of the DOOGEE Y model smartphones, which had been all the rage among young people two years ago but followed by a period of silence. While now the DOOGEE announces that the Y series is going to make a comeback restarted with brand new phones, the Y7 SeriesĀ ( including Y7 Plus and Y7 ) and waterdrop screen Y8 Series ( including Y8 Plus and Y8 ), all of these devices are displayed at the MWC event. The DOOGEE Y7 and Y8 Series are exclusively redesigned with more fashionable, youthful and gradient colors as well as ultra-big screen ratio of 88% for the young people who have limitless vitality. The DOOGEE says the whole design is inspired by the mysterious starry sky of vast universe, hoping to deliver users with romanticism and vitality.

Future is in the moment. The the revolutionary DOOGEE S90 modular phone including the 5G module, and DOOGEE Y series youthful phones are waiting for you at MWC Barcelona Booth 7161.

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