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MWC 2019

Oppo 10X lossless zoom now official, first smartphone to come later this year

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Xperia 1 (XZ4) leaks in Purple; 21:9 HDR display and 52MP triple camera setup in tow

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Manufacturers to watch out for at MWC2019

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The MWC ( Mobile World Congress) Barcelona 2019 has opened its door to worldwide mobile product manufacturers started on February 25th, during which SAMSUNG and …

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Nokia 3.2

The Nokia 9 PureView we checked out the other day isn’t the only device the Finnish phone maker brought to this year’s MWC. The company …

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Coming straight from the MWC 2019 event in Barcelona we can add to the list of all the new phones also the LEAGOO S11 and …

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Nubia Alpha

We all know Nubia for their lineup of somewhat affordable handsets on the market but this time around the Chinese electronics maker surprised everybody with …

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ZTE Blade V10 hands-on

The ZTE Blade V10 is probably one of the most interesting handset showed off here in Barcelona. The handset does indeed feature a really nice …

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Sony Xperia L3

Let’s conclude our coverage of the Sony booth with the most affordable device launched at this MWC 2019. We’re talking about the entry-level Sony Xperia …

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Sony Xperia 10

Sony kicks off this year with a good number of devices announced here at the MWC 2019 taking place in Barcelona. The Japanese electronics maker …

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LG V50 ThinQ Hands-On

Along with the LG G8 ThinQ we checked out in this article, the Korean tech giant did also bring the usually more premium sibling, we’re …

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For the third year in a row, new NOA smartphones, tablets and NOA Vision TVs were presented at the greatest mobile technology show in Barcelona. …

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LG G8 ThinQ Hands-On From MWC 2019

After not too many leaks and a pretty quiet announcement, the LG G8 ThinQ was officially brought at the MWC 2019. We played with the …

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Lenovo Z5 Pro GT

While Lenovo claims the Z6 Pro is around the corner, not too many people have yet got ahold of the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT launched …

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Samsung Galaxy A30

The mid-range Galaxy A50 we checked out over here wasn’t the only A series phone launched at MWC 2019. The tech giant did also bring …

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Samsung Galaxy A50 hands-on

Along with the new Samsung S10 flagships, the Korean tech giant brought another really interesting line here in Barcelona, the A series. The lineup includes …

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Remember when 64GB of Storage was a premium thing in smartphones? And the market advertisings of smartphones supporting up to 2TB microSD cards sounded like …

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Nokia 9 PureView hands-on

The much awaited and hyped up Nokia 9 PureView was finally unveiled today here at the MWC 2019. Are five cameras enough to make it …

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Sony Xperia 1 hands-on

Sony may not be one of the best phone selling companies in the world, but at least they do stick to their design choices. As …

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TCL foldable smartphone

At MWC 2019, TCL showed its own folding screen solution and claimed that the cost will be low enough for everyone to afford. The shape …

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ZTE AXON 10 Pro hands-on

ZTE is one of the few companies that actually launched their flagship phone for 2019 here at the MWC of Barcelona. We were lucky enough …

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Samsung Galaxy S10+ Hands-On

With the S10 and S10e out of the way, the last handset of the S10 series Samsung showed off at the MWC 2019 is the …

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zte axon 10 pro

Multiple leaks predating the MWC19 made sure we were not left in the dark. Smartphones that can connect with the ultra-fast 5G network are rolling …

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