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ALLDOCUBE has released its ALLDOCUBE X tablet, It has a fantastic visual experience and offers a range of benefits and a good value for money. It's an ideal Super AMOLED tablet for listening to music, watching videos and reading web pages.

As a manufacturer, Alldocube has focused so far on notebooks and tablets. With the ALLDOCUBE X1, they had already launched a promising 8.4″ tablet, now the big brother follows. The ALLDOCUBE X is available in a larger 10.5-inch format and even offers a Super AMOLED panel! Can it meet high expectations? let’s explore and take a closer look at the ALLDOCUBE X: its features, performance and more.



  • Screen : 10.5″ with a resolution of 2560×1600, Samsung Super AMOLED
  • Processor : MediaTek MT8176 Hexa-Core CPU (2 core Cortex A72 with a frequency of up to 2.1 Ghz + 4 core Cortex A53 with a frequency of up to 1.7 Ghz)
  • Graphics : IMG PowerVR GX6250
  • Sound : HiFi Audio DAC AKM AK4376A
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • Built-in memory : 64 GB + expansion slot with micro SD memory cards up to 128 Gb – (there’s also a 128GB variant)
  • Wireless interfaces : WiFi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac (2.4GHz + 5GHz), Bluetooth 4.1
  • Camera : Rear 8MP + front 8MP
  • Battery : 8000 mAh with support for fast charging technology Pump Express 2.0
  • Connectivity: USB type C, 3.5mm jack, fingerprint sensor
  • Operating system : Android 8.1
  • Dimensions : 243.68 mm × 173.14 mm × 6.9 mm
  • Weight : 500 g



Nice packaging design, a minimum of “screaming” elements – everything is strict and tasteful. They could not resist only at the last moment and slapped the Super AMOLED sticker. But this is really a step forward for Chinese tablets, and in this case it is really something to be proud of.

Standard equipment: tablet, charger, cable, documentation and a pin to remove the tray for the memory card. As a bonus from the factory, a high-quality protective film is pasted on the screen.

The charger is not simple, but with the support of fast charging technology Pump Express 2.0. It can produce 2A at 5V / 7V / 9V or 1.5A at 12V. The maximum power is 18W. In order to fully charge the tablet battery from 0% to 100%, it took 3.5 hours.


The design is classic. Unlike smartphones, you can’t get rid of the frames in the tablets. More precisely – it is possible, but ergonomics and convenience will suffer. Frames allow you to confidently hold the tablet in your hands without fear of accidental touch.

In the upper part you can see the front camera and the light sensor. The front camera with fixed focus will fit only for video communications. The rear camera has autofocus, but the quality also does not shine. Why? Even in cheap smartphones they put decent cameras, but on tablets they are used extremely rarely.

The back cover of the tablet is made of aluminum, treated to matte condition. The tablet is not not slippery and it is pleasant to hold it in hand. Partly due to the low weight and thickness. The thickness of 6.9 mm gives a decidedly nice sensation of use.

Alldocube X

By default, it is assumed that the tablet will be used in horizontal mode. The buttons for adjusting the volume and locking the screen are placed on the left side.

The Fingerprint scanner is on the right side. Very unusual solution and very convenient! Just slide your finger across the edge and it is guaranteed to pass through the scanner. The speed and the accuracy of reading is simply amazing.

In addition to the fingerprint scanner, a headphone jack and a USB type C were located on the same side for charging and connecting to a computer. Holding the tablet in a horizontal mode will not prevent you from interfering with the wires from charging or headphones, and your hands will not close the audio speakers, because they were carried to the upper bound.


The screen is clearly the strongest side of the tablet. Samsung’s Super AMOLED, and that says it all. It uses the same screen as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 which is for the moment 3 times more expensive than the Alldocube X. Colorful color rendition, high brightness and contrast, endless black color – all these are the advantages of matrices on organic LEDs.

And do not forget about the high resolution. With a screen diagonal of 10.5″ and a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels, the detailing reaches 288 ppi! Even with the Apple iPad Pro 2018, this figure is lower. The image looks super realistic, especially if you view content in high quality.

Alldocube X

All those who have seen Super AMOLED screens with their own eyes, noted that the image is very cool and even “live”. And since black does not emit light, the themes on a black background look especially beautiful and besides they save a lot of battery power, because unlike IPS matrices, a black pixel does not consume any energy at all.

The vertical and horizontal viewing angle is about 180 degrees with absolute preservation of brightness, color and contrast of the image.

Another feature of the display, although it already relates more to the software part, is the possibility to switch the tablet to reader mode, when the whole screen becomes monochrome.


With the two stereo speakers, this tablet’s sound is amazing. I tried to watch movies with built-in sound and ran various videos from YouTube and play games – everything is perfect. The stereo effect and the volume are really felt.

ALLDOCUBE X is equipped with an AKM HiFi audio chip, which is intended to significantly improve the viewing experience of movies. So it’s stereo sound is very satisfying.

Of course there is something to complain about – a louder sound appears at the speakers at maximum volume, especially if the source has a high volume level. You just need to turn down the volume by a couple of tick marks.

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The tablet is running the stock Android 8.1 operating system without pre-instaled apps related to the manufacturer or any bloatware. The manufacturer decided not to make any changes to the system providing the user a clean stock Android. On the main screen, you can place shortcuts and group them into folders, you can also slide up to reach a menu with all installed applications from Google, third-party apps and so on.

Alldocube X

Settings are also quite standard. In the screen settings, it is possible to hide the navigation buttons, set the automatic activation of the night mode on a schedule (reduces the intensity of blue light), increase the size of the font and the elements, and so on. With standard settings, everything looks very fine.


The ALLDOCUBE X has an 8MP front and rear camera, the front camera has fixed focus and it will fit only for video communications. The rear camera has autofocus, but the quality also does not shine. Why? Even in cheap smartphones they put decent cameras, but on tablets they are used extremely rarely. So you can not rely on the camera of this device very much. Here is some shots taken by the rear camera  :


The tablet has a 4Gb of RAM installed, it allows you to work in multitasking mode, open a lot of tabs in the browser and at the same time enjoy high speed when switching between applications. With the 64GB Built-in memory, you can not enjoy installing applications and games, and if you are going on a business trip or vacation – take a small film library. In addition, there is always the possibility to additionally install a memory card.

The processor provides a good performance for using apps and browsing the web, in Antutu it scores 102,616 and in Geekbench it achieve 1,608 points in single-core mode and 3951 in multi-core mode. In graphics tests, the result is not very high, so I can’t recommend it to gamers. This means that in demanding games, to get a comfortable FPS, you will need to reduce the graphics settings to medium or even low.

Another important point – at a long load, the tablet copes well with it, the metal cover dissipates the heat quite well, so the processor does not overheat and does not throttle. The standard 15-minute stress test showed that with a long load of all cores, the performance drops to an average of 94% of the maximum possible.

But still the games for this tablet are secondary. The main thing here is the playback of multimedia content, the tablet is equipped with a dual-band WiFi adapter with support for the ac standard. This standard provides a higher speed (if your router supports it). This allows you to watch online any content, even Ultra HD quality. Quality is available in Youtube up to 1440p 60 fps and the tablet reproduces it without any problems.


In the final part, let’s talk about the autonomy. On one hand, we have a pretty good battery with a capacity of 8000 mAh, on the other hand – not the most economical processor, a very bright screen and its high resolution. Therefore, the work time will depend primarily on the type of tasks performed and the brightness value of the screen. at 50% of brightness and with video playback on Youtube (1080p quality) I was able to get 6 hours 50 minutes of on-screen time and when playing a video from the internal memory, the time increases up to 7 hours and 56 minutes.

But this is of course a simple task for the processor. In the mixed use mode: video through YouTube, use of the browser, few games I came out with about 5 hours of continuous use.


The charger that cames in the box support fast charging technology Pump Express 2.0. It can produce 2A at 5V / 7V / 9V or 1.5A at 12V. The maximum power is 18W. In order to fully charge the tablet battery from 0% to 100%, it took about 3.5 hours.


Getting a quality quad driver in-ear headphones can be quite a costly enterprise, because models like 1more can cost up to $200. For all more budget conscious customers there are the new ALLDOCUBE F40 coming for a much lower price and sporting the same extra quality quad driver setup.

So what makes the ALLDOCUBE F40 earphones special ? Well the makers decided to give it quad driver setup, featuring non-destructive 4 frequency division technology and 8 coil iron. The three dynamic drivers and one balanced armature are divided as follows :

ALLDOCUBE is also trying to get some more inspiration from the nature and the anti-oxidation copper core around the neck keeps the vibration isolated from your ears.


Alldocube X

Let’s sum up. The tablet is excellent but it has a number of key features that for some people can become disadvantages:

  • The lack of support for SIM card slot indicates that the tablet is designed mostly for home use.
  • Graphics settings should be reduced to medium and low when playing demanding games.
  • Mediocre autonomy.

If we talk about its benefits, then there will be basically everything related to the “consumption” of audio and video content:

  • Contrast, bright and colorful display with Samsung Super AMOLED premium class screen!
  • The AKM AK4376A audio chip outputs the sound in headphones to the HiFi level. The quality is not inferior to
  • specialized audio devices HiFi class.
  • Audio speakers are amazing.
  • Fingerprint scanner on the side is very convenient and practical.
  • The amount of RAM and internal memory corresponds to modern needs.
  • WiFi support in standard AC, DualBand (2.4Ghz / 5Ghz).
  • Support for fast charging and the presence of a fast charger it in the kit.
  • Excellent apperance and build quality, materials (metal + glass).
  • Thickness is only at 6.9 mm.

In simple words, the tablet is ideal for listening to music, watching videos and reading web pages, and you can buy it from the link below.




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    March 16, 2019

    There are some noteworthy faults to the display. Subjectively, colors appear to be inaccurate and overly saturated even for a budget tablet. Colors look poorly balanced at first glance which is a shame since OLED technology is technically capable of very accurate colors.

  2. -
    March 16, 2019

    Power consumption behavior is strange and even abnormal in some cases. For example, the tablet consumes more power when turned off than when on standby (2.7 W vs. 0.45 W) even after double-checking.

  3. -
    March 16, 2019

    Runtimes are below average for a tablet despite its sizable 8000 mAh battery. We are only able to record a real-world WLAN runtime of just under 4.5 hours compared to twice that or more on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 or Huawei MediaPad T5 10. The strange power consumption behavior we noted above may the culprit as the 30 Wh internal battery is similar in capacity to the iPad Pro 10.5 even though the apple can last almost three times longer when subjected to similar WLAN conditions.

  4. -
    March 16, 2019

    Very bad support. 10 email 0 answers

  5. Majedie
    March 17, 2019

    Poor camera and no support for upgrading software