BOE is Expected to Become Apple’s Next-Gen iPhone Screen Supplier

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A report released at the end of last year showed that Apple is preparing to use new display technology on at least one of this year’s iPhone. A new report that has come our way today says the Chinese company BOE hopes to become Apple’s second screen supplier, not letting Samsung monopolize orders.

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The current iPhone screen has a separate touch-sensitive layer that sits on top of the display. But the next-generation design offered by Samsung is called a touch-integrated flexible OLED panel, which, as its name suggests, can place both the display and touch-sensitive panel in one layer. These displays will be thinner and lighter, and production costs may be lower. This was reportedly advertised to Apple last year.


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According to Herald, Chinese display manufacturer BOE is investing in the same technology. The company has received orders from Huawei and hopes to receive orders from Apple as well. As the source says, BOE is building a production line to launch a touch-integrated flexible OLED panel called Y-Octa, which is a serious challenge to Samsung’s display. As said, the latter has a monopoly of the technology, and Samsung is currently the only manufacturer of flexible OLED panels.

‘Seeing that Samsung has created a lucrative market, BOE decided to follow suit,’ said an industry source. ‘As far as I know, this line is now being built in Mianyang. And BOE did this to get Apple’s order.’

By the way, BOE is China’s largest display manufacturer and has provided displays for the iPad and MacBook. The company has been trying to get an Apple iPhone display order, but Apple wants to include LG and Japan Display as iPhone display suppliers.

Apple likes a diversified supply chain with at least two suppliers per component, both reducing risk and negotiating status. However, since Samsung is currently the only company that can meet the quality and output requirements of iPhone display, the current supplier of the iPhone X/XS display is monopolized by Samsung.


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