Huawei says it has a home-grown OS ready incase it is banned from Using Google’s OS

Huawei TV

Huawei at a press conference held recently at its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, confirmed it has slammed a lawsuit against the US authorities over the former ban on its telecommunications equipment. The company while making the announcement on Thursday says ”its” latest move is proper and last resort at resolving its’ months-long battle with the US government.

The company in a statement said US ban on its equipments prevents the company from serving its US customers, damages its reputation and deprives it of an opportunity to serve customers outside the United States.

Huawei envisages its battle with the Authorities could lead to a final ban on the export of US-made products and services like Android and Windows and is making all moves to obviate the effects on the company should it get to that. Huawei makes its own SoC – the Huawei Kirin, and so is not much dependent on Qualcomm’s ‘Snapdragon SoC, but same can not be said of the company’s patronage of Google’s products and services particularly Google Android OS.

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The Chinese firm in an interview with Die Welt has confirmed that it has a ready homegrown OS  and could be reverting to that if the legal battle with US authorities leads to a total ban on the export of US-made products and services like Android and Windows. almost suffered a similar fate, but for the last minute agreement, it had with the commerce department. While an outright ban on ZTE was a devasting one, Huawei with its wealth of engineers has better chances of getting around such ban.

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  1. Andre John Cruz
    March 15, 2019

    Not that anyone would want to use that homegrown OS…Samsung failed miserably with Tizen on smartphones. It might gain traction in China though if Huawei can convince their comrade companies to use it as well instead of Android.

    • Viyus Avery
      March 15, 2019

      You have no respect for context it seems

      Samsung’s tizen is no comparison

      Let’s think for a little , most Chinese manufacturers have their own playstore with Google services completely deactivated

      You said it might gain traction in China as if to imply its some little market , that is the biggest smartphone market..

      Apple ecosystem fails in China no one uses iMessage etc over there
      Tizen even worse

      Huawei will succeed with their own os

    • Andre John Cruz
      March 15, 2019

      if other Chinese manufacturers would wholeheartedly adopt this new OS, I’m sure it would succeed. if they don’t…

    • March 15, 2019

      Sammy was never at any time serious with the Tizen, so that explains why it never recorded any giant stride.

  2. rajyha
    March 15, 2019

    Excellent news! I don not like the Android OS because of principle and practical reasons.
    So i will certainly try the Huawei OS.