Samsung latest video showcases the Galaxy Fold’s bending abilities

Galaxy Fold foldable smartphones

Samsung has yet to give the press a super close, hands-on look at the Galaxy Fold, although a few users have had a hands-on experience with the device, and one of the many fear raised by users is the presence of blemish on its screen when subjected to a number of folds. 

Now, Samsung in an attempt to clear our doubts has released a video clip of its special stress testing machine showcasing the Galaxy Fold’s bending abilities. Precisely, Samsung is seen subjecting the Galaxy Fold to several rounds of extensive tests in its state-of-the-art reliability labs to make sure that the Galaxy Fold is ready to come to market. It aims to check the durability of the Galaxy Fold’s hinge and Infinity Flex display by folding the device 200,000 times. Samsung says it achieved the 200,000 bends in about 7days stressing that the test replicates roughly 5 years worth of extensive usage, with the assumption that a user is able to achieve up to 100 folds a day.

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The device came out clean, after the whole episode, as there appears not to be any sort of creasing issue as claimed by previous reports, and while we can not rely entirely on Samsung’s made video, we would have to wait till the device gets to the hands of early adopters at which time proper review will begin to fly in.

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