Lenovo’s foldable phone patent found online

lenovo foldable phone patent
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Lenovo has been teasing foldable phones for a while now, but as it always happens with the company, they seem to never deliver.

Today, we have a look at what’s probably the closest they’ve ever been to making a foldable phone, we’re talking about a new patent that was just found online.

lenovo foldable phone patent

This design patent from Lenovo was registered in the Global Design Database of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). In the patent we can see 11 sketches of a foldable smartphone with a flexible hinge.

The patent also happens to show a device with an extra-long screen (we assume 21:9 aspect ratio) that can be folded around a hinge in the lower part of the phone. On the other side we then find another smaller display which could be used for snapping selfie on the better rear facing cameras.

lenovo foldable phone patent
3D render made by LetsGoDigital.org

Bezels on the device appear to be quite thin on the sides, albeit on the top and bottom we find thicker ones as that’s probably where we find antennas and other components.

Overall, we believe this design doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why would you want to fold the display just to face another smaller on in its place. You are saving almost no space when folding in, while when unfolded it’s extremely tall and not optimal for different types of content.

lenovo foldable phone patent
3D render made by LetsGoDigital.org

Either way, it’s always good to see innovation in the mobile industry, whether the Lenovo foldable phone is the answer is a whole another story. In the meanwhile, Lenovo’s owned Motorola might be closer to something more interesting dubbed the Motorola V3, you can read more about it over here.

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