Apple self-developed 5G chip will be available in 2025

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Apple has long settled its long-standing disputes with Qualcomm and it is no longer worried about what 5G chip to use in its 2020 5G iPhones. However, there are reports that the company is still internally working on its self-made 5G chip. According to recent media reports, Apple self-developed 5G chip may not be ready until 2025, which means that Apple will continue to cooperate with Qualcomm to acquire 5G chips in the next few years.

Apple self-developed 5G chip

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The report pointed out that the main reason for Apple’s decision to resume cooperation with Qualcomm is that Intel’s 5G chip solution failed to meet Apple’s requirements. The XMM 7560 baseband performance of iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max was not as good as expected, so Apple had to reconsider Qualcomm cooperation.

At present, Apple has signed a cooperation agreement with Qualcomm, and at the same time canceled the lawsuit against Qualcomm worldwide. Apple will pay Qualcomm a fee and obtain Qualcomm technology license. It is expected that the iPhone with Qualcomm baseband will be listed this year or next year. Furthermore, Apple self-developed 5G chip could be in the works. Considering that it takes a while from R&D to commercial use, Apple may have to wait until 2025 to launch its first self-developed 5G chip.

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