Huawei asks top suppliers in Asia to maintain supply


Huawei currently has a burden to deal with courtesy of the US recent actions against the company. The Chinese manufacturer has issued an internal e-mail to its staff to continue their duty now, it is asking suppliers in Asia to maintain supply. After the US decided to include the Chinese telecom giant to the “list of entities”, Huawei has asked its top suppliers in Asia to maintain delivery.

Huawei Mate X
Huawei Mate X

Taiwanese chip maker, TSMC,  said that although the company is assessing the impact of the US decision, it will temporarily maintain its supply to Huawei. According to reports, Innolux, which supplies the screen to Huawei, said that this will have an impact, but it is difficult to determine its scope, and the supply arrangements for the Chinese manufacturer remain unchanged. There are currently rumors that US chip makers such as Qualcomm and Qorvo have suspended shipments on Friday, and other US companies will follow suit. This has not been verified and the companies have not made a statement. 

On Thursday, the Trump administration of the United States listed Huawei on the “list of entities” and immediately imposed restrictions, which would make it extremely difficult for companies on the list to purchase technology from US companies without the approval of the US government. 


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