The World’s First Smart Table Lamp With Camera, BELO Costs 999 Yuan ($145)

BELO smart table lamp

We have already seen a number of smart door locks and other security technologies. In March of this year, companies focusing on such products announced they will enter the smart home ecosystem. At the press conference at that time, in addition to the release of two security products, Advantage Technology also released the first AI smart table lamp, namely BELO.

This is the first time that an AI computer vision technology is applied to children’s and adolescents’ literacy learning scenes. The BELO with an artificial intelligence algorithm, eye-protection light source, smart interaction, and smart time management is already available for purchase at 999 yuan ($145).

Unlike the traditional table lamps, the BELO AI smart table lamp is equipped with a large-angle IR camera for more accurate monitoring of eye fatigue and sitting posture of children and adolescents. At the same time, combined with the high-performance chip mounted on the desk lamp, the AI ​​machine vision technology is used creatively, and the patented AI algorithm is used to truly protect the eyes and prevent myopia.

Also, the BELO supports the remote WeChat applet to view the child’s learning time and sitting posture report. The small program also regularly pushes the child’s learning report and health eye protection advice. Even if the parents are not at home, they can remotely understand the child’s learning behavior.

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The BELO adopts the advanced natural light eye source to generate healthy and safe light close to the natural light spectrum. Its Ra color rendering index is up to 95+ (natural light is 100), which can be colored like natural light. Even under the light, it can distinguish similar colors.

The BELO adopts a disc-type lighting design, which comes with built-in dozens of high-power high-brightness LED eye-protecting lamp beads, with a well-designed side-emitting structure and light-diffusing design. So the light source is more uniform while ensuring sufficient brightness.

This desk lamp supports up to 180° adjustment of the up and down and left and right. The lamp arm also supports a combination of various adjustment angles. The four-axis and eight-way design adapt the desk to more diverse positions and angles.

In terms of interaction, the BELO adopts 360° ring-touch stepless dimming interaction design. It carries a microwave sensor inside to automatically detect the human body and detect whether the child concentrates on learning at the desk.


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