XIDU Tour Pro laptop model is the brand’s flagship model for 2019

XIDU Tour Pro

The XIDU Tour Pro, a flagship product of XIDU in 2019, is featured by a 12.5-inch screen with 2560Ɨ1440 resolution and in-plane switching (IPS) monitor technology as well as an 8th generation Intel processor. This laptop has taken the lead in combining the entertainment and office functions of computers together. The lightweight device stands out for its exquisite image rendering, an ultra-thin 4.9mm border and 80% screen-to-body ratio. This further improves the usersā€™ experience as it reduces the border distraction.

Besides, the 180ĀŗĀ convertible display and a touch screen with multi-touch function makeĀ it a great choice for office people to make presentationsĀ and enableĀ users to navigate and fully interact with screen. More importantly, it can help our users improve working efficiency and reduce unnecessary mistakes.Ā Seek for entertainment off work as a game and movie lover? Get ready to obtain the best user experience from this portable and efficient product with a powerful processor and a cooling fan to maximize its capacity.

Sleek and cool design

The XIDU Tour Pro adopts the classic metal enclosure with fashionable color. With a 2.2 lb weight, the laptop is a perfect travelingĀ companionĀ that you can carry anywhere you want.Ā It is also ultra-thin, with a 16.6mm thickness and is made of sturdy materials. What’s more cooler is the combination of muti-touch function and a 180Āŗ rotation angle, which makes it easy to use for all customers.Ā It is also worth mentioning that you can unlock the laptop with your fingerprint.

Hardware specifications and data

The XIDU Tour Pro comes pre-loaded with a 128GB lightning-fast solid state drive. If more storage is needed, you can use a 510GB SSD ROM extension. The computer features either 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM, industry standard memory for high bandwidth at low rates of power consumption.

This laptop has a front camera, inbuilt speakers and microphones which make it convenient for all communication needs. It is also equipped with an ergonomic keyboard. Furthermore, it is compatible with 802.1 b/g WiFi and bluetooth, and can deliver faster internet access and broader coverages.

For external screen projections, input and output, theĀ XIDU Tour pro 12.5 is equipped with a USB 3.0 port, a full function type C port, an audio Jack port and a DC Jack port, which cater to different user needs.

Now get a XIDU Tour Pro at an affordable price with excellent performance equal to or even more competitive than many other products in the industry. You can check all the other XIDU models on their official website and maybe even get some extra discount coupons for their laptops too.

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