Upgrading from the inside out— XIDU Tour Pro

XIDU Tour Pro

Tour Pro is an eye-catching upgrade model of XIDU Tour laptop. They are both easy-to carry with a 12.5-inch screen. However, in terms of appearance and hardware configuration, Tour Pro has made substantial upgrade, which not only inherits the advantages of the old model, but also improves its inadequacies.

XIDU Tour Pro keeps the most outstanding advantage of XIDU Tour, which is the excellent screen quality. It is equipped with a 12.5-inch IPS screen with 2560*1440 resolution, which is impeccable in clarity, brightness, and color performance. It is rare for elementary models to use 2K resolution, which is usually seen in flagship notebooks. However, Tour Pro sticks to 2K screen without hesitation. In addition, the screen size of Tour Pro is only 12.5 inches. Its actual pixel density is high with clear picture-forming. The maximum brightness is up to 400 nit, so users can see the screen even under strong light. In addition, it has 72% of NTSC color gamut, which can suit the need of retouching and video viewing. At present, two types of screen, 45% of NTSC and 72% of NTSC, are commonly seen in the market. Screens with 45% of NTSC color gamut is cheaper, but the color is not so bright, and the screen looks gray. XIDU did not choose the cheaper screen with 45% of NTSC gamut to save costs. Moreover, it has multi-touch function, which provides great convenience for consumers in some ways.

The old Tour adopts the passive heat removal method. As a result, sometimes the heat cannot be dissipated in time. Tour Pro upgraded it and added a fan inside the fuselage to make up for this defect. It is not difficult to add a fan. What is difficult is to insert the fan while keeping the body thin. Why make room for a fan while the space in the fuselage is already limited? Because heat removal is closely linked with the performance of a notebook. Many people may have experienced sluggish when the machine is hot. If the motherboard overheats, the CPU’s main frequency will decrease, thus unsatisfactory performance. This is a self-protection mechanism of the CPU. Good heat dissipation allows stable running of the CPU and helps maintain good performance. After adding the fan, the heat removal of the Tour Pro is greatly improved. In testing use, the temperature in the core part can be maintained below 40 °C even under the circumstance of running heavy software, and the computer is always running smoothly.

Fingerprint recognition is a new hardware module added in Tour Pro to protect users’ important business documents and improve the efficiency of unlocking. The fingerprint recognition module is integrated in the power button, which is especially convenient when booting. At the moment when the power button is pressed, the fingerprint is recognized. The login interface just flashes and users can directly reach the desktop. In this way, they don’t have to confirm fingerprint for a second time while saving time from waiting.

The Tour pro is powered by an Intel’s 8th generation Kaby lake R processor with main frequency of 1.8GHz and 8GB LPDDR4 RAM. In terms of the external connections, it has a Micro SD card slot, a USB3.0 and a Type-C. For a laptop at $369.99, these are very competitive configurations. There is no doubt that it can also maintain the great momentum of XIDU Tour and become an outstanding and competitive model in the notebook market. If you would be interested in more XIDU models, then you can find quite some discount coupons in here.

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    June 19, 2019

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