5G network will not influence weather forecast – GSMA

The development of 5G network has been a topic of discussion for some time now. With the commercialization of this network in different regions of the world, there are a couple of concerns emanating from different sectors. There are claims that the 5G radiation is not safe to human health while others say that it will significantly distort weather forecast reports.

5G Network

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According to some media reports, the radio frequency band of the 5G communication network auctioned by the US government has some frequencies similar to those of the key satellites. Thus meteorologists worry that 5G transmission may interfere with their data collection. Today, GSMA, a trade body that represents the interests of mobile network operators worldwide denied a recent report that claims that 5G affects weather forecast.  In response to Zhongguancun Online, GSMA stated that 5G will not affect the weather forecast.

GSMA believes that 5G networks and weather forecasting services can coexist, and 5G will not be affected by the impact of 5G. According to GSMA’s letter, the spreader of this rumor may be a region or organization that opposes 5G technology or is not good at 5G technology, because 5G technology is a revolutionary network technology that can benefit the entire human society.


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