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cyber bullies

Approximately 25 percent teens in their lifetime conceivably been the victim of “CyberBullying”,  While simply surfing internet on popular social media platform like Facebook where they curiously make new friends. They plainly keep adding the unknown friends just to increase their friend list count which makes them superior amongst their friends. Or while moderately searching their project work on Google by opening different tabs either on their smartphones, desktop or tablets, When they mistakenly or intentionally click on the fake ads or pop ups that appear on screen is the time they get themselves trapped by these bullies. And thereafter they’re tormented, harassed, jeopardized and humiliated by the cyber-bullies.

As a matter of fact, the harassment over internet is not just confined to the preteens or teens but the adults are also targeted online which is called as Cyberstalking or Cyberharassment.  However, Living in the high-tech generation and being the netizens we still get perplexed when it comes to Cyberspace issues. The kids doesn’t discuss or share it with their parents, perhaps because of being embarrassed about the content of harassment and persecution. Hence it becomes difficult for parents to perceive and comprehend of what their kids are going through.

Keep rolling down to understand the Signs and Behaviour of your child when S/He is undergoing from any Cyberspace controversies.

Sudden inclination towards solitary environment maybe one of the major indications that your child is suffering from some kind of mental stress. Let’s learn more about the same.

  1. Getting Temperamental –

Frequent mood swings, staying reserved and quiet, not talking and hanging out with friends are some of the signals that depicts an extensive change in his/her demeanour,  which definitely needs to be inquired. CyberBullying can leave the child in a very traumatized state, Therefore it is crucial that parents figure out the core problem that their child has been suffering from. Don’t point them out when they make fake excuses of their health problems like headache etc. because scolding them or lecturing them every now and then will not bring any solution to this mishap.

It is suggested that keep calm while your teenager narrates the whole scenario to you. Hence, determine a way out by comprehending his/her complication over the cyberspace matter and save them from getting into depression. In this situation Spy Software can help you out.

  1. Being Secretive –

The fear and anxiety of what they’ve mistakenly or unconsciously done online makes them secretive. They feel devastated that can be seen in their behaviour as well as degraded academic performance. Getting escaped from your regular and general questions about their studies and extracurricular activities. Or shutting down the desktop window or putting the smartphone’s screen upside down the moment you enter their room.

It is imperative that you minutely observe these changes and find out the reason behind hiding their gadgets from you. In fact, It is advisable that you stay updated with their social media accounts and other chat messenger apps as well. This way you can be aware of their online actions.

Note: Restrict them from using the age inappropriate websites by using the app blocker available with mspy app reviews.  

  1. Upset By Derogatory Terms –

While assessing their Facebook posts, messages, IM chats if you encounter some hurtful words by the person who doesn’t seem to be your child’s friend then it’s important that you intervene and stop this nonsense taking place on your child’s social account. Some of the commonly used terms by the bullies are like – “nerd”, “ugly”, “fatso”, “jerk”, “slut”, “jackass” and “freaky”.

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There are many more terms that look really bad at a first glimpse. You can also see the messages where a child has been forced to act in accordance to bully’s wish. Your child tends to do all the nasty things just to avoid the cyber bullies bad temper. Perhaps, S/He start using the foul language as the bullies do and also the indulgence into drugs and alcohol abuse is no wonder.  You can find more information at Best Phone Spy Guide.

Help Your Child Overcome This Problem!

It is crucial that you stand by your child during his/her difficult times. CyberBullying is a very distressing and startling situation for your children. All they want is their loved ones support and care to come out of this trauma. Below mentioned are the best countermeasures that I have mentioned to better help your teenager with all their problems.

  1. Give Them Social and Moral Support –

Parents of teen need to understand that ranting and raving them or exhibiting outraged behaviour after you read or hear something offensive about your children online will not help either you or your child in any manner. This is the time where you need to give a leg up and be a source of strength to them. Don’t alienate them by believing the fake rumors proliferated by the bullies, instead discuss the scenario and act responsibly to find a way out for their problems. CyberBullying could only be handled by maintaining some patience and enduring the moral support to your child. Assure them, that you are and will always remain a cornerstone in their good and bad times.

Things To Do –

— Talk to them invariably, It will help maintaining a friendly relationship between you;

— Lend an ear to them. Don’t interrupt in between;

— Don’t panic if they share their bad times with you;

— Uphold them with your love and care.

  1. Aiding Them With Monitoring Software and Parental Control Systems –

As discussed previously, Sometimes children hesitate or remain in dilemma or prefer to stay secretive rather than sharing their issues and problems with parents. This is the time when a child monitoring software comes as a blessing for all the perturbed parents. Yes, Adopting the parental control can end up your worriment to a larger extent. HOW??? Well, the major problems arises when you see your child is adhered to his/her smartphone for 24/7. Apparently this smartphone will help you in monitoring your children. All you require to do is just install a monitoring software onto their cell phones. One of the best spy software is Flexispy. Check out Flexispy reviews at

The moment you equip the device with a spy software, It will fetch you all their mobile actions. Such as – Read their text messages, emails, phone call logs and view their GPS location and various pictures that are either saved on their mobile phones or shared amongst their friends. Even the IM chats on the popular messenger platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and Snapchat can all be tracked by you. Login the spy website with the provided username and password and check all the logs to discover your child’s whereabouts and all other data and information.

Hence, Get known to what your children is going through and opt these two corrective measures with which you can keep an eye on your kid’s activities and protect them beforehand from falling into any pitfalls.

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