New arrival preview – XIDU Philbook Y13

XIDU PhilBook Y13

360°Convertible Touchscreen: 2-in-1 Notebook and Tablet

XIDU Philbook Y13 with the 2-in-1 design provides various options for users. The screen with a 360° flexible hinge enables users to rotate it at any angle and adjust it into any mode. When you adjust the angle to 180°, you can share the screen with your friend or client face to face without bending your neck to see the screen clearly. Its multi-touch controlling display enables users to drag, click, type anything just with fingers and get rid of mouse and keyboard totally. At work you can use the work mode for high efficiency. When you go home, you can adjust it to tablet mode to watch your favorite TV shows or movies. For customers who are in need of a notebook and tablet, this is definitely worth a shot.

Large Screen with 4.9mm Narrow Edge

A full screen is extremely popular with mobile phone users which is also a new trend for notebooks. The ultra-narrow screen border of merely 4.9mm for Philbook Y13 is rare to find among the 2-in-1 notebook market. The screen ratio even reached 75%. Usually notebooks with this design are priced at the level of middle-to-high end products. Moreover, the touchscreen with 1920*1080 resolution is elaborately crafted in 16:9, perfectly fitting document editing and web browsing. Watching videos or pictures on this laptop is indeed an enjoyable experience and can reduce harm to our eyes compared with other notebooks with low resolution.

When you look at it, you will be amazed by its metal body and luster. This laptop takes on a look of high class and maturity which suits white collars, students and business people. XIDU company provides professional pre-sale and after-sale services so we guarantee you are getting a notebook with quality assurance, superb performance and high cost-effectiveness. Please look forward to the new product next month and you will definitely not be disappointed. And if you are interested in more XIDU products, then you could surely utilize some more discount coupons for them in here.


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