Huawei’s CEO tells Google: You will lose 800 million users


The controversies linked to the ban of Huawei by the US do not hint at placating. Not only has public opinion readily taken the side of the Asian producer, but the business could also go against this decision.

In fact, Google itself has already spoken out against the Trump government’s move, even as a matter of security. And to reiterate the situation, Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei, thought about that, in the interview given to CNBC, he emphasized what will be the consequences of the continuation of the ban.

The situation for Google will be complicated if Huawei leaves Android

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If this ban does not stop, Huawei will be forced to switch to an alternative that is not proposed by Google. This will mean a loss of 700-800 million users. Google will suddenly find itself deprived of a substantial slice of users.

“Huawei and Google will always be on the same line of interest, and if we don’t load Google’s system, Google will lose 700-800 million users in the future”, said Ren Zhengfei.

With the US ban against Huawei, the Chinese giant was forced to develop a new operating system for its smartphones to replace Google’s Android. The new software alternative HongMeng OS is being prepared for an October release. According to a report, the company already sent 1 million devices for testing purposes and is working on trademarking the HongMeng name in several countries across the world.

According to previous reports, the Chinese company could partner with Aptoide, which boasts a 900,000 app portfolio and serves as a replacement for Google’s Play Store. Huawei also already have a proprietary gallery app, but it will need to support most of the relevant apps to be able to complete.

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  1. geo kiri
    June 26, 2019

    if it works i wont use android so 😉 count me in!

  2. Cyril Dieudonne
    June 27, 2019

    I can’t wait to see huawei dying. This cancer company should already be exterminated. As well as all their spying servers, their spying racks, etc. This company is the eye of the Chinese Skynet shit, the sickness of this totalitarian dictatorship. Google should buy Huawei and destroy it right now.

    • humble
      June 27, 2019

      I believe you have another nickname called “freedomstolen” rite ?
      If you hate chinese so much then nobody force you to browse to this website ?

      We love chinese products as they are surprisingly good and cheap. Not like US product that sold at the price of arms and legs.

    • 4jasmen
      June 28, 2019

      America has the biggest spy network going, In New Zealand we are part of the American spy network and they are the biggest dictators in the world always bulling other counties, threatening them with trade sanctions and boycotts. Go Huawei you are well ahead of the rest in smartphone and 5G technology. I’m all for their new operating system, reports I’ve seen say its a lot faster and more secure than android.

    • Cyril Dieudonne
      July 2, 2019


  3. 4jasmen
    June 28, 2019