Huawei HongMeng website is fake – says Huawei internal staff

A few hours ago, we reported the emergence of a “HongMeng System Information Publishing Platform” ( It introduces technical features and related news of Huawei HongMeng operating system but the contents are rather old and the appearance of the website is quite informal. The domain name, filing information query and language is also questionable. To this end, an official inquiry was made and a Huawei internal staff debunked this website.

Huawei HongMeng

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The internal staff said that the website is not the official website of Huawei HongMeng system, and the news that the OS will be released by the end of the year is not true. The Huawei insider said: “I don’t know who is doing the cottage website, LOGO is not right. First, the horizontal stretch deformation and the CBG (Huawei Consumer Division) LOGO are wrong…the usage is not right.”

Shortly after Huawei was listed in the “entity list” by the United States, Huawei’s consumer BG CEO Yu Chengdong had disclosed that the HongMeng system would soon be available this fall. However, Hu Houkun , vice chairman of Huawei, recently said in an interview with the media that there is no clear-cut time for HongMeng to hit the market. He also said that Huawei is a staunch supporter of the Android ecosystem and that Huawei’s mobile phones and Google Apps and services that are already on the market will not be affected.

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