BOE Is Testing Several Screen Fingerprint and Screen Sound Technologies

BOE fingerprint

A few years ago, we even can’t dream of the technologies we are currently using. None of us can imagine the smartphones will sport a full-screen design, four/five camera sensors, screen fingerprint recognition, etc. But now, all the aforementioned features are mandatory for a flagship device. Moreover, they are highly demanded on the phones from a lower category. BOE, which is one of the world’s largest display manufacturer, issued a statement today. It turns out the company’s screen fingerprint and screen sound technology currently have several solutions. Some of them have corresponding samples. The productization plan is currently being developed in conformity with the end brand customers.

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At the end of last month, Liu Xiaodong, vice president of BOE, issued a statement at the MWC 2019 Shanghai. Particularly, he said that the optical fingerprint sensing technology of BOE LCD screen has been successfully developed. They’re expecting to start mass production by the end of 2019. These displays will be mainly used in low-end smartphones.

Later, BOE explained its approach for the screen fingerprint recognition technology for OLED display. The technology uses the principle of ‘small hole imaging’. The fingerprint image resolution is up to 800PPI. This achieves the sweat hole recognition accuracy and is effective for fake fingerprints. The detection rate is as high as 99.3%.

Liu also said the global penetration ratio for genuine full-screen smartphones surged from only 9% in 2017 to 65% in 2018. It is expected to reach 81% in 2019 when global demand for such smartphones will hit 1.26 billion units.

“The corresponding ratio will soar to 90% in 2020 with demand expanding to 1.46 billion units.”

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