Xiaomi to focus on its digital, MIX and CC series

Xiaomi cc9e cases

On July 2, Xiaomi CC9 officially hit the market. This marks the beginning of a new product line from Xiaomi. According to Lei Jun, the Xiaomi brand will now concentrate on its digital series (such as Xiaomi 9, Xiaomi 9 SE, etc.), MIX series (such as MIX 3, MIX 2, MIX 2S, etc.), and the CC series (such as Xiaomi CC9). As usual, the Redmi brand will focus on cost-effective and online channels. Regarding Xiaomi’s Note series and Max series, there is no plan to launch a new machine.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Meitu Edition

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The digital series usually arrives earlier each year. It comes with the top-level functional configuration and a fair price. It focuses on performance-oriented enthusiasts. The MIX series is the high-end business flagship of the company, usually with a breakthrough new design. The unique artistic sense of the special ceramic body aims at the high-end business class. The CC series is a trendy and fashionable brand for young people.

The Chinese manufacturer is trying to avoid confusion of its product line which is becoming cumbersome for customers. Already, its nomenclature is already quite confusing. The cancellation of the Note Series is because it has the same definition as the MIX series. Recent market requirement (full-screen era) makes the Max series irrelevant. A regular smartphone now uses up to 6.5-inches full-screen display. So, this makes the Max series to coincides with its regular digital series which comes with a full-screen display.


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  1. LCDdisplay
    July 4, 2019

    Xiaomi is so stupid the cc series is already complicating the mi series look how similar it is to the mi 9se…..

    Keep the 16:9 aspect ratio of the max series and it’s huge batter make the screen 7 inches of you want to keep the taller aspect ratio smh Xiaomi