Xiaomi crowdfunds the Du Fu AI English learning machine Pro for 899 yuan ($131)

Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, is doing a lot to help children in recent times. The company is currently crowdfunding the Du Fu AI English learning machine Pro, which allows children to learn English without knowing it. The crowdfunding price is 899 yuan ($131). English language has almost a billion speakers and its the second most-spoken language after Mandarin (Chinese). In fact, English language speakers are more diverse in terms of geographical spread. Thus, it is relevant for kids to have basic English knowledge.

Xiaomi Du Fu AI English learning machine Pro

The Xiaomi Du Fu AI English learning machine Pro uses a standard American CCSS syllabus. It comes with English courses suitable for Chinese children aged 0-8. This includes 24 major themes, 184 Interactive lessons, and 1000+ English vocabulary. Its records are by a professional English teacher with a pure American pronunciation. This enables the child to reach the most authentic level of spoken English. Whether you want to watch an English cartoon or translate a daily conversation, a voice command can be easily done.

The Du Fu AI English learning machine Pro adopts a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 1136 x 640. It has the same high-definition screen as the iPhone 5 and a built-in anti-Blu-ray chip to protect the child visuals. When the child uses the cuckoo too close to less than 25cm, there will be a health eye tip to prevent the child from watching the screen for a long time. In terms of battery life, the built-in 7800 mAh ultra-large capacity battery supports 8 hours of continuous use without plugging in, and standby power saving mode for more than 3 days.


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