Redmi TV – Redmi mulls entering the TV market

Xiaomi earlier took the bold step to spin off one of its best selling series- the Redmi. The sub-brand now headed by ex-Gionee president Wu Leibing has been making waves in the smartphone segment after it released the Redmi Note 7 earlier this year. But while we had expected the sub-brand to be all focused on smartphones, the brand branched out – making Airdots, washing machine, and air conditioner. Much like its parent brand which now occupies the top position in the TV market in China, spin-off Redmi brand appears set to foray into the TV market too. So is a Redmi TV in the making?

Lu Weibing  congratulates Xiaomi

While the brand has yet to officially reveal its interest in the TV market, Lu Weibing dropped the hints while reaching out to its parent brand for topping the TV market in China. Redmi CEO via Weibo had asked fan if they would like it to branch out to the TV market. His exact words – “Do you want us to make a Redmi TV ?”.

The Redmi brand is already doing well in the smartphone market, and with other products like the washing machine in its portfolio, we are certain the TV Market won’t be hard for it to crack. And with Xiaomi – its parent brand leading the market in both India and China, the sky will be the limit for the for a Redmi TV since its products are greatly inspired by Xiaomi’s.

We await a RedmiTV

This is just conjecture right now and we don’t exactly if the Redmi CEO is just making fun of the whole situation. So we just have to sit back and watch how it unfolds. Keep watching this space to learn more about Redmi’s TV plans.


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