LG registers two new names for its foldable smartphone

LG Foldable screen

After both Samsung and Huawei postponed the launch of their first foldable smartphone. Other manufacturers also became quite cautious on this topic. However, this does not mean that the development of foldable smartphones does not continue. As in the case of LG, which in October 2018 announced that it is developing a foldable smartphone.

A month later, the company registered several brands, such as LG Flex, Foldi, Duplex and Bendi. However, it seems that things are moving again, so much so that the company has again presented two important brand applications in Korea, which seem to be related to the LG foldable smartphone. On July 8, 2019, the company registered the names Folds and Arc at KIPRIS (Korean Intellectual Property Office). Since then both applications have been approved and classified as Class 9.

New model names for foldable smartphones from LG

Although it cannot be said with certainty that both brands are related to each other, the description is identical. “Cellphone; touch pen for smartphones; LED display ”. “Folds” is the English word for folding, so it is very likely that the name is intended for the folding smartphone from LG. The word “Arc”, on the other hand, could refer to the folding screen in detail. LG may want to use these names as a model name, or to refer to a specific feature or unique feature of the device.

What LG will show in the coming months is not yet fully known. The company acquired the LG G10 name earlier this month, probably as a successor to the G8 ThinQ introduced earlier this year along with the V50 ThinQ, both high-end smartphones.

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As for the LG foldable smartphone, unlike many other manufacturers, the company has not yet shown a prototype, so it is not yet clear whether the company will opt for a device that folds into a tablet or a device with an extendable display.

It is very likely that the company is working on different types of foldable smartphones. And we probably won’t see it before the end of the year.

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