Myanmar tests 5G network for the first time – Uses Huawei’s equipment

The commercialization of 5G network is getting to new levels and there is a stiff in the award of 5G contracts. No doubt, Huawei remains the cheapest option but some countries have their reservations about using Huawei’s equipment. Thanks to the Chinese manufacturer, many small (relatively poor) countries can now commence 5G testing. Southeast Asian nation, Myanmar (formerly Burma) has started 5G transmission testing for the first time. Myanmar telecom operator, MYTEL, entirely uses Huawei’s technology and equipment in the current test phase. So far, the testing shows a download speed of over 1.6Gbps and the upload speed exceeds 100Mbps.

Myanmar 5G

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Before now, the communications industry in Myanmar has been relatively backward. By 2011, the mobile phone ownership rate was less than 6%. However, the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy in 2011 did a lot of good. Since then, the industry under the vigorous promotion of a number of Chinese telecommunications companies has made rapid progress. By 2017, the mobile phone ownership rate has exceeded 90%, and communication technology grew to new heights. 

At present, Huawei is an integral part of the global 5G construction. While more developed countries may want to settle for Nokia or Ericsson, you can be sure that developing and under-developed countries can only afford Huawei’s 5G equipment. For now, Myanmar’s 5G construction is in Huawei’s hands but it appears that another Chinese manufacturer, ZTE, will join the party.


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