Portable fan Xiaomi WSKEN on sale from Ebay

Xiaomi WSKEN

Are you enjoying this year’s extreme weather conditions ? Especially if you are living in Europe then the heat waves and record breaking temperatures are surely driving you mad. So how about a very handy small Xiaomi gadget to alleviate the pain wherever you go ? Portable handheld fan Xiaomi WSKEN is the correct answer to that question and you can get it for extremely affordable price directly from the Ebay marketplace.

Portable handheld fan Xiaomi WSKEN is really the perfect companion for the summer not just this year and with the extra tiny dimensions it will be serving your needs everywhere. You can either use it as a handheld one or utilize the tripod stand when extended. And thanks to the 3350 mAh battery capacity you are also not limited by the proximity of an electrical socket. Recharging is via USB port and with the slowest speed you can get up to 13 hours of endurance on a simple charge. That brings us to the choice of three speed modes of the fan and as a bonus you are getting a simple phone holder on top of it.

All things considered it’s just extremely versatile gadget for everybody and you wallet is also not going to bleed, while getting it. Single piece from Ebay is going to cost $18.59, but if you buy 4 or more pieces you can slash the price to $16.36 for each of them. Check it out, better this than a heat stroke.

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