Xiaomi noise-reduction collar Bluetooth headset crowdfunded for 439 yuan ($63)

Today, Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, officially commenced the crowdfunding of its new Xiaomi noise-reduction collar Bluetooth headset. This crowdfunding will last for only three days and will close on August 7th. The crowdfunding price is 439 yuan ($63) while the market retail price is 499 yuan ($71).

Xiaomi noise-reduction collar Bluetooth headset

The Xiaomi noise-reduction collar Bluetooth headset uses Hybrid hybrid digital active noise reduction technology. This can comprehensively capture noise and greatly reduce the noise effect. At present, most of the noise-reducing earphones on the market work by collecting noise samples through a microphone, and using a noise reduction system to generate a reverse sound wave “neutralizing noise”, thereby achieving a noise reduction effect.

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Xiaomi noise-reduction collar Bluetooth headset

In fact, as early as December 2017, Xiaomi has launched a noise reduction earphone, priced at 299 yuan ($42). It comes with two noise reduction intensity switch (support 50-1500Hz broadband active noise reduction, the maximum can suppress 20 decibels of noise). This is suitable for noisy environments such as airplanes and subways. It can be filled in two hours, and the official claims it lasts up to 12 hours. How much improvement will the new product have in terms of noise reduction performance and battery life? We will wait and see.


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