First Foldable iPhone or Foldable iPad To Come In 2021

foldable iPhone

A couple of smartphone makers have already demonstrated their foldable smartphones. As you can guess, among the pioneers, we can find Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi. But where is Apple? This Cupertino-based company has been always known for its innovations and unordinary thinking. But till the date, we haven’t heard any rumor or seen any leak concerning the foldable iPhone. However, today, UBS forecasted the first iPhone with a foldable design will be launched in 2021. Moreover, the first foldable device of Apple can also be an iPad. Anyway, if this prediction is true, we will see it a year later than previously expected.


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UBS research shows that the biggest problem with foldable phones is the price. ‘Price remains the key hurdle in most consumers’ minds, while the adequate average premium vs regular smartphones surveyed to be c. US$400-500.’

One of the rare news concerning the foldable Apple product said the foldable iPad will run iPad OS and support 5G network. The display size is comparable to that of a MacBook. As Apple needs to solve the problem of 5G smartphone development in 2020, the new iPad will not be listed soon.

IHS Markit also reported that ‘Apple will follow a similar Microsoft concept to develop a foldable device running the iPad OS and equipped with Apple’s A-series processors.’ This is clearly referred to the foldable iPad.

Moreover, if Apple doesn’t come with a foldable iPhone or a foldable iPad, it may lose the battle against Samsung. Anyway, UBS expects ‘Samsung will lead the way for foldable adoption as a smartphones vendor.’

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