Other Telecom Companies Have No Lower Security Threats to US Than Huawei

Huawei Andy Purdy

According to CNBC, Huawei’s US security director Andy Purdy said on Wednesday that the US government should implement a risk mitigation plan for Huawei like Nokia and Ericsson. Other telecom companies’ security threats to the US are not lower than us. Andy said, ‘The security threats from unsafe countries do exist. This is why Huawei strictly tests its products and makes them meet international standards.’

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Andy said that the United States has adopted ‘mitigation measures’ for Nokia and Ericsson equipment, and this should be the case for Huawei, because ‘Nokia and Ericsson also have deep transactions with China.’ Andy said that other countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom are taking the necessary measures so that Huawei can start its business smoothly.

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Huawei security threats

And as for the US government’s Huawei 5G risk theory, Andy refutes that this argument is groundless. He stressed that Huawei is a private enterprise in China.

In addition, Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn made false statements on CNBC on Tuesday, accusing Huawei of not providing evidence. She said that ‘Huawei embeds that spyware into these networks; these chips are so small you cannot detect them until they begin to transmit to an outside receptor. At that point, they are into your network and they are spying on you.’

In response to this statement, Andy said, ‘There were no allegations of significant cybersecurity wrongdoing against Huawei.’ Finally, Andy once again stressed that other telecommunications companies are no less secure than the United States.

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