Harmony OS Has The Highest Level of Safety 5 and 5+

Harmony OS safety

The annual Huawei Developers Conference was held today. At the meeting, Huawei’s consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong officially announced the highly anticipated operating system, namely Harmony OS (previously known as Hongmeng OS).

When talking about Huawei, many users will associate it with security issues. This is also true for the Harmony OS. But is there a ground for doubts? At the conference, Yu Chengdong said that Harmony operating system uses microkernels. So naturally, no root is needed. Also, the fine-grained permissions control improves system security from the source.

Harmony OS safety

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As everyone knows, Android has root privileges. We mean users can fully control the Android system after root. In this sense, Harmony OS does not have the option of root. At the same time, according to the official information, this OS based on the trusted execution environment of micro-kernel technology significantly improved the kernel security level through formal methods. It also comprehensively improved the security capabilities of the full-scene terminal equipment. Yu Chengdong said that the microkernel can lock each one individually. So it is impossible for a key to break through all places. The mutual isolation of the outer core is safer and more efficient.

Particularly, Yu Chengdong said: ‘From the evaluation of the world’s most authoritative security agencies, the external operating system can only reach Level 2 and Level 3. Our system can reach the level of 5 and 5+. This is the highest level of OS security.’

Of course, we should listen to the words of developers, security agencies, and other relevant parties. But we guess Huawei has done its best to come in with an operating system to get ahead of that.

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  1. freedomstolen
    August 10, 2019

    Huawei tweeted this OS “has lesser latency because it’s based on a deterministic kernel”. Anyone who has studied even a little bit of real time systems will call off this bull$hit. Being deterministic means being predictable; it doesn’t have to do with reducing latency! What do you think Ingo Molnar’s patch for the Linux kernel was based on – O(1) scheduling, which means constant time operation, which implies being predictable!

    Don’t get too ahead of yourself based on what the Chinese tell you. This is just another Lenovo-like company unloading bullcr@p on the uninformed customer.

    Moral of the story: never trust the Chinese. If experience is anything to go by, their companies (OnePlus, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi etc.) have all screwed customers with lies (and some amusingly continue to do so at the expense of gullible customers) at some level and/or with some products at the very least.

    • TopNegro
      August 10, 2019

      Somehow, it’s Google and Apple that has not been ripping off gullible customers. I absolutely trust the Chinese and so does BILLIONS of “gullible” customers. Let Apple and Google keep selling their overpriced bull$hit…only gullible ones like you would buy that cr@p

    • freedomstolen
      October 9, 2019

      How did you assume I buy Google and Apple’s phones?