Honor Smart Screen To Be The Only Large Screen Product With Two Remote Controls

Honor Smart Screen remote control

Today, Honor’s Lao Xiongwen announced that the Honor Smart Screen may be the only large-screen product with two remote controls.

Honor Smart Screen remote control

He said that the Honor Smart Screen has a traditional style remote control, similar to the remote control of the Honor box launched a few years ago. It uses the five-way navigation button. So, for all users, it is very easy to get started. Although the style is traditional, it is also connected through the Bluetooth protocol. Compared with the infrared remote control, the Bluetooth remote control has no directivity limitation and supports 10 meters remote control, which is more convenient.

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In addition to the traditional remote control, he also emphasized the more advanced touch remote control. In general, this touch remote control has several features:

First of all, it uses touch design. There is a touch panel at the top. The touch sensor diameter is up to 6cm. The resolution is more than 320DPI. The control is very sensitive. And it supports a variety of operation modes such as sliding, single point, pressing, etc. So users can operate the smart screen just like a smartphone.

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Secondly, like the smartphone, it uses a high-quality lithium-polymer battery (410mAh). It also has a Type-C interface. So charging is very convenient. Of course, users may rarely need to charge it. This remote control uses low power consumption Bluetooth technology. Standby current is only 30uA. So it supports 3 months of use on a single charge. When it is in a standby mode, the remote control will last for more than 1 year.

According to the official introduction, for some users, this remote control has a certain learning threshold. For example, many users may buy the Honor Smart Screen for their parents. The traditional remote control may be more accustomed to their parents.

Honor Smart Screen remote control

Therefore, the Honor Smart Screen series is equipped with a traditional remote control. So only the first buyers will get the second remote control with touch support.

In addition to the above two remote controls, Lao Xiongwen said that there is a third ‘remote control’, that is, the smartphone. The Honor Smart Screen has a magic control screen function. In addition to the touch operation by means of interface synchronization, the smartphone interface can also be turned into a remote control. In the lock screen state, the phone also displays the remote control icon.

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