Huawei will launch its own Maps service in October


Apple has its own map application called Apple Maps, Microsoft also has its own called Bing Maps. But, today, Google Maps seems to be the most popular of all. Since it is available on the largest number of devices and platforms. However, this could change as Huawei has announced that it will launch its own map service, called Map Kit, in October.

It is not uncommon for Huawei to want to create its own map service since. After the conflict with the United States, the company wants to reduce its dependence on Google services. Map Kit will not be available directly for use by users. But is designed for developers to build applications that leverage their map capabilities.

The service will be developed in collaboration with Yandex of Russia and the US travel website, Booking Holdings. It will connect to local mapping services. And will be available in 40 languages ​​and will cover in 150 countries and regions.

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Huawei will be able to take advantage of its telecommunications base stations in several countries to complement the satellite positioning of its mapping service.

According to Zhang Pigan, president of cloud services at Huawei Consumer Business Group. Map Kit will provide real-time traffic conditions. An advanced navigation system that can recognize when a car changes lanes and will have support for Augmented Reality mapping.

Huawei mentioned Map Kit in its developer conference last week. It is one of its planned Huawei mobile services, along with Site Kit, Location Kit, Drive Kit, and Scan Kit.

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