Huawei employees helped some African governments spy on their opponents


Huawei employees allegedly engaged in espionage activities at the request of the governments of Uganda and Zambia. They wanted to monitor the communications of political opponents, which they could not do themselves by their own means. The executives of the company in China, however, have not been made aware of these actions.

Another case that will degrade the image of the company and that will give grain to grind to Donald Trump and his administration. According to a Wall Street Journal survey, Huawei employees were intercepting messages on behalf of two governments, those of Uganda and Zambia, for the purpose of spy on political opponents.

Huawei: employees have deciphered messages for two governments

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The group’s employees reportedly used a software called Pegasus to access these encrypted messages. The main target would have been Bobi Wine, a former Ugandan singer and comedian who has converted to politics. He is now an activist, has been a deputy, and even contests the presidency of his country. Huawei employees in Uganda have deciphered messages at the request of the Ugandan police. Who tried but failed to decipher them themselves.

The WSJ adds that Huawei executives in China have not been made aware of the actions of their employees in Uganda and Zambia. The media also said there is no evidence that the Chinese group engaged in espionage activities for its own government.

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  1. Colin DigitalJames
    August 15, 2019

    New Zealand government does the same the use telecom to spy on its own people for their spy agencies

  2. Mofi
    August 15, 2019

    Am a Ugandan and I can firmly believe this as the government also banned all news networks from publishing any information regarding Bobi wine and actually their licenses get revoked if they ever publish such news.