South Korean SK Telecom Is The First Carrier Reaching 1mln 5G Users Mark

SK Telecom

In April of this year, South Korea launched its 5G commercial network, which was the first in the world. Moreover, it is a few hours ahead of the 5G commercial use of US telecom operators. Today, after 4 months of development, South Korean SK Telecom announced that its 5G users exceed one million. Thus, we are dealing with the first carrier that reached more than 1 million 5G subscribers worldwide.

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SK Telecom said that the company launched a 4G commercial service in May 2011. That time, it took only 8 months to accumulate to one million users. As for now, 5G took only 140 days to formally reach one million users. The scale is twice as fast as before.

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5G users

This operator entered the 5G era with the launch of the world’s first 5G smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and LG ThinQ 5G. But recently Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 10 5G phone. So the number of SK Telecom’s 5G smartphones reached 3. So it is expected that the 5G lineup will be further strengthened and the number of users will be expanded in the future as well.

In fact, SK Telecom currently has 28 million mobile Internet users. So one million 5G users account for about 3.5%. But we should also take into consideration that 5G traffic is significantly higher than the 4G. Say, 4G’s average monthly flow is 20.4GB, while 5G’s average flow is about 33.7GB. Thus, traffic is increased by 65% or so.

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