Huawei cant survive in the western market without Google – Forbes

The bruhaha between Huawei and the US is still on-going. While Huawei remains confident that the US ban has little or no effect on the company, American business magazine, Forbes, thinks otherwise, at least for the western market. Although Huawei has its own system which is new, experts believe that the chances of this system are not great. Senior research analyst and economist, Ted Bauman of  Banyan Hill Publishing had his views

“Huawei is an electronics manufacturer which is just beginning to develop an alternative mobile operating system to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.,” he says. “Google, on the other hand, is a sprawling technology company with interests in many different areas. It has a huge cash cow from its monopoly of online search. It’s also an increasingly important player in cloud computing. This gives Google many different revenue streams that can help in any price war with Huawei.”

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Bauman said that with the help of China, it can still build a strong advantage in the Chinese market. In China, the company can rely on its strong technical support and capital accumulation to form a defense against Google after the end of the trade war. He pointed out, “But this is a hypothesis. (In doing so, Huawei will basically hand over the Western market to Google and Apple, and (only) focus on the domestic market and the low-income market in Asia and Africa.”

According to Clement Thibault, an analyst at, “As long as Huawei is in the western world’s crosshairs, it will struggle to properly rival the likes of Google”

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What Some Analysts Think about Huawei & Google Cooperation

In general, some analysts believe that Huawei should continue to cooperate with Google or “forget” the Western market. As for the Chinese manufacturer, it has repeatedly expressed its desire to stay with Google’s Android. However, the company also says that if the US ban stops it from using Android, it will activate its Plan B.


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