Huawei and China Mobile launched a 5G stereo-coverage network

At the Huawei’s 5th Asia Pacific Innovation Day, Huawei and China Mobile launched a 5G stereo-coverage network to promote seamless coverage of 5G. According to reports, the 5G stereo-coverage network overlay consists of a basic coverage capacity layer. It also includes a capacity experience layer and a value scene indoor coverage. This can better achieve seamless 5G coverage.

5G stereo-coverage network

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In addition, Huawei’s joint operators and industry partners demonstrated a variety of innovative industry applications. These include 5G+VR, 5G+8K video, 5G+drones, 5G telemedicine, and 5G ambulances.

Take the 5G ambulance as an example, the ambulance is the 5G network carrier. With this network, it can provide a comprehensive medical emergency system. According to the report, once the patient is at the 5G ambulance, the professional on duty can complete a series of tests such as blood test, electrocardiogram, and B-ultrasound. All these tests happen swiftly using 5G. Furthermore, these results (including patient symptoms, illness records, and other life information) are transmitted through the 5G network to the hospital in real-time.

With this, the doctors in the hospital already have a solid insight on the situation before the patient arrives. Obviously, this process will be very useful in an emergency situation where the patient life is on the line.


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